The most infamous resource available to the governments around
the planet is MARTIAL LAW. This resource is used against the
citizens of the country in question, to incarcerate the
dissidents and all that oppose the political enslavement
of the people.

The government is always a small part of the community, but
have full authority over all citizens determining subjects
of life and death.

In America, there is just one thing between the imposition
of a dictatorship and the free republic – at least in paper –
this thing is the Constitution of the United States of America.

The most advanced document ever created by Man to protect
the life and property of the citizenry of the country.

This philosophical masterpiece of human thought has just
one piece of defense to survive itself: The SECOND AMENDMENT,
without it the Constitution can be destroyed very easily.

The SECOND AMENDMENT imposes the defense of The
Constitution to its constituents, when it orders the
citizenry to form a militia to overthrow a despotic
government, at the same time the militia MUST defend
the Constitution.

This document is the only document in the whole world that
is alive and evolves from time to time. Sometimes there are
amendments that do not make sense and are unenforceable,
they are nullified but they are left in writing to serve
as a remainder of what not to do trying to modify
the Constitution.

So, at the moment of declaring Martial Law, the Constitution
is stopped, and there is no Law available to no one.

The government will kill and enslave the citizenry, but do you
remember the Second Amendment?
The citizenry has the power of assembly and arm itself
to defend itself.

Civil war is then fought for long term until Law is reestablished.

The only time Martial Law is a legal recourse, is when
The Constitution is in peril of being destroyed, or to stop riots
that destroy property and cost innocent lives.

When the Constitution is respected, the rule of law is the right
thing to use to protest against violation of rights, Riots are not
the right way to protest.

When the Constitution is violated and not respected saying
it is obsolete and outdated, then Martial Law is not a legal
recourse of the government.

If you want to implant Sharia Law, or Communism, or destroy
The Constitution because you can not get the power you want,
then the only way to stop you is by declaring Martial Law in
the spots that are affected by civil unrest provoked
by community activists, to stop them and reestablish
the Rule of Law.

By the way there is an Association that defends the
Second Amendment and by doing so, defends also
The Constitution Of The United States Of America
Its name: The National Rifle Association (NRA).

Become a member.

’til next time


2018 Time To Understand

Some of the readers of this Think Tank ask for some explanation
to the meaning of the writings in the blog.

To all, this is a Think Tank, some posts contain simple things,
others philosophical themes that have to be thought in order to
grasp the meaning of them.

I try to write at a level of understanding to keep my mind working,
so it is difficult sometimes to express some ideas in clearer form.

Most of the time the ideas and thoughts cannot be put in everyday
language because the themes are not something seen in everyday
situations but, go above the daily thinking.

For instance, when I say “You should have enough food in your
table but, be sure your brother does not go to bed without
food,” it means that the brother I am talking about is the
child, the homeless, the woman or girl on the street that need
also food.

Is it difficult to grasp? Yeah! It is not about your siblings
I am talking, but all the needy around you.

It is necessary to help the institutions that provide help
for the needy, but is also necessary to have a couple of
dollars in the pocket to help a person asking for coins in the
parking lot of the store.
Good Institutions are The Salvation Army, The Disable American
Veterans, the Paralyzed Veterans etc. and many more.

If they misuse the money, it is not your fault, The Universe
knows it.

So, my friend, look for what the sentence or the paragraph
is telling to you, in other words, THINK.

So, if the paragraph is telling you to look for a problem
and then provide a solution, it is asking YOU to think.

The only way to find a solution to a problem, is thinking.
The solution will put money into your wallet.

’til next time

Best Regards,




A whole bunch of controversial issues.
It is not this the place of controversy?

Mmmm! How do we start and with what?

These are some of the issues at hand, planetary doom, martial law,
women choice and group rights.

What a bunch of nonsense issues.


Let’s start with the toughest of all:

An issue that even the government is in. this is plain nonsense.
What in the hell is the government doing in it?
The government does not get pregnant, nor does it have children.

There is a reason for the government not to get involved;
the Framers of the Constitution didn’t make a Democracy,
but a Republic.

The Constitution is the most advanced Document ever made by Man.

It is not based in religious thought, even though most of the
Framers were religious people; to avoid corrupting Religion,
they separate religion from government.

They claim divine rights for men though, and put it In writing.
Why they did this? This way no one will claim these Rights were
granted and may be taken away.

The Constitution was made by philosophical thinkers and under
philosophical principles, that’s why the progressives are doing
all they can, to stop the people to learn the Constitution,
they do not want it to be taught at schools, they also don’t want
people to learn Greek and Latin, the languages of Philosophy.

In the recognition of Divine Rights endowed to man, it is implied
that it is the Creator who gives the LIFE and it is implied man
is not the one who has any right to stop the life of another being
except as an act of defense.

So, let’s see this issue in the same light of the Constitution,

What is the essence of the traits of man and woman.

Man’s traits are to provide food, shelter, material for clothing
and security at the time of forming a family, the smallest cell
of society.

Woman traits are to keep the shelter, use the food to nourish
the family, make the clothing for all.

There is one trait that goes beyond the ones analyzed; both man
and woman are needed for the most important function,
the essence of life, the procreation of a human being.

Now the issue of choice, get to this, the woman’s body is hers,
BUT the womb belongs to the human inhabiting it for 9 months.

Interaction between a man and a woman regularly ends in
the woman becoming pregnant.

Once this happen that womb belongs to someone and she has
to decide in let it go on and get a baby or become a murderer,
to kill a baby human is MURDER.

Philosophy say,
Good ought to be because is good.
Bad is the opposite of Good.

To kill is bad.

To give life to a human is Good, to kill a human is Bad.

So, what is the woman’s Choice?

I think the choice is clear, she must choose LIFE.

The purpose of being a woman is not that she try
to become as domb as man, but to be the one that
perpetuate the species.

Woman and only woman is fitted to carry the seed of humanity.

At least to me, it is clear, the purpose of being a woman is
not to compete in all endeavors of life, trying to emulate and
in instances to become as tough as a man in all the things
done by a man.

This is not to say she cannot do it, but, that is not the
purpose of being a woman. Her purpose is way above that.
She is the LIFE BEARER.

We still have a long way in the understanding of giving
respect and give her, recognition for the important part
she has in the scheme of life and perpetuation of the species.

I, see woman as the companion and sometimes the pilot of
the ship as equal in responsibility and equal in rights;
not a weight that doesn’t allow the partnership to prosper,
and not a slave to serve a master, day and night.

This, means both have equal rights and responsibility
to thrive and prosper not for self but for the team of
TWO, one helping the other, supporting each other.

If only one works, then, the other will manage the monies
of the team to make it grow, this means not to WASTE
the lot, but to study and seek the best way to invest it,
to make it grow to improve the way of life of the TEAM.

Both have the responsibility of the “boat” so if one
wants special treatment, the boat goes no where, both
must go the same way and be on the same page.
The rights of both are equal. Neither has more rights,
nor less.

Let’s see where this take us.

’til next time


June Gloom or Brain Fog

June 2017

I asked a friend of mine the other day, if he knew the meaning of life,
he answer me: ‘ haven’t you learned it yet? Or, you don’t remember?”

“ some times we tend to forget what is the purpose of being here at
this time and doing the things we are doing. If we do remember,
we are known as Sages or wise-men, if on the other hand we forgot,
we are not known and make no difference in the life of humanity.”

“When we are born, we know many things and their meaning,
later on we forget most of it. Not all though, we are always looking
for that memory that will allow us to live the best of life.”

“One thing we must remember:
NOTHING we bring to life when we came,
and NOTHING we take out when we go.”

“that, doesn’t mean that we must not strive to be rich and, enjoy life
at its best; for this we need tons of money, and we must do our best
to obtain it”.

Besides stealing it from others, – there are always infinity of things
to do to obtain the money we want: Work, investing, inheritance, etc. –
that, is the exclusive way of the government. They get the money
from some, to give it to others, that don’t work for it.

He who obtain the money without working, investing, etc. do not
appreciate it and waste it, so, the way government waste the money
it takes from the ones who work and give it to others who don’t work,
is a waste of money.

This is usually the way government works. They don’t work
for the money, so, they waste it.

But , the way to live a good life is to get as much money as we can,
invest it and forget about it. The meaning of it is: do not get enslaved
by it, remember, money is just a tool to live better, not a way to live
miserably, being an slave to it.

So your thought must be “ how to make money,” and the next thought
“how to invest it” and the most important “ how to enjoy life using it”

Once you have enough not to worry for the next bill, the next meal,
the next day, now you have time to Learn:

A) what’s the meaning of life?
B) Why was I being born?
C) What is the purpose of my life?
D) Did I do the things I’m supposed to do?
E) Did I learn what I come here to learn?
F) If I don’t, what am I missing?
G) Am I in peace with myself?
H) Is the world I’m living in, a better place than when I receive it?

I believe these things will answer the question of
What is the Purpose of Life.”

No one else but, we as individuals can answer this questions
even though they apply to all, they must be answer by everyone

Well, even I, am still working to figure out most of the questions.

’til next time


History Witness

Today January 20,2017, I, along with the nation at large was witness of
another chapter in he life of our Nation with the inauguration of
Donald J Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America.

My point of view as always can be controversial, as I believe we are
entering a different kind of government more in line with the
American way of life, why? because Pres D J Trump is, was, and
will be an American born individual, born and rise in America,
a man who feels the beat of the life of the Nation,
an entrepreneur, a business man, knows how to get a deal
done and profit from it, he doesn’t play to loose, but to win.

My point of view then says that the Nation will thrive under his command.
I applaud his way to ask companies to repatriate their manufacturing
Using the carrot and the lash to accomplish it.

I see an era of abundance for all so, “don’t ask what the Nation can do
for you, but what you can do for the Nation” John F Kennedy.

To close today what about this:
“The official language of the United States of America is English.”
Do not add, do not take off a word.

So Mote It Be

‘til next time


Welcome To The Hope New Year

Happy New Year to all readers of this site.

A New Year, a new dawn in the life of all western people, I don’t say all,
because not all have our culture or religious beliefs. some New Years are
at different dates in the common calendar of 365 days.

We throughout the ages, have transformed Paradise into the Babel site we live on.

Now, time is coming when we will be asked to take sides. We liked or not
will have to make a decision as to where we want to go, and what the
route we will be taking, either by our own will or the will of others.

This is not religious, even though religion will play a part on this.
Either we will think or someone will do it for us. Wake up!

This is a message to the Guardians, wake up and communicate,
you know what to do and how to do it. Time is short.
If you don’t understand this, this is not for you.
Someone around the planet will understand and communicate.
If you understand, do not write, the mind is faster and safer.
Go deep and open a channel. Remember there is neither time nor distance.
May The Light Shine Upon You.

This Year has started great for me and, I hope for you all readers also.
Health, Wealth and Happiness to you all, are my prayers directed to the Almighty.

Don’t forget, allow your bounty to bathe also those in need around you.
When we go, we don’t take anything, we leave as we came, with nothing.

There is plenty for all, don’t let anyone tell you there is not enough
for all. Enjoy what you get, but share also. If we understand this
we will return to Paradise again.

Bill Gates, George Soros, Carlos Slim and the other richer men on
the world, they also came and will leave with nothing,
as everybody else like being born on Earth.
Some have gone already like JP Morgan, Some of the Rockefeller,
Carnegy, Ford etc. they took nothing at depart time.

Survival of Humanity is not to kill 6 billion people, but to share
the bounty with all.

Dan Montana
Winter 2017

Hopefully we all understand this, myself I will at least try.

’til next time


Something New And Beyond The Usual Thinking Of The Day


Say What?!!!
Paradise? Where?
That when you die, you’ll go to Paradise?
Why you have to die to go to Paradise?
Are you blind? YOU ARE IN PARADISE!!!

Somehow you lost the Vision and think you’ll go to Paradise.
What a whole bunch of non-sense, Paradise is Here and Now.


Recalling some memories: We are born in Paradise, Abundance of Love,
Care, Food,Entertainment.
Then, suddenly, we are in an alien world, strange and dangerous.

What happened to Paradise?


All our senses are imitated by technology, so we put our senses on hold,
not use them. We forget about them.
Our sight, our hearing, to say two of the most useful of them, not the
more important.
They are entertained and, we are immersed into an all technology world.

In the meantime what happen with our senses of beauty, love,
communication, writing skills, talking skills, hearing others,
learning skills?

We are heading to another cycle of learning, in my opinion.

Einstein predicted that 97% of the Earth population will be lost, I agree.
The other 3% will start again, we’ll have 5,125 years for the !st Sun of
the Long Count of 25,625 years, divided into five Suns, according to
the Mayan Calendar, if we don’t learn, we will finish another cycle of 5 Suns.

Don’t worry we have all the time of the Universe to learn.

Some people are awakening and if we reach the threshold mass, we will
finish the lesson and we’ll remake Paradise again, this time consciously,
by ourselves.

But only if we learn who we are and, the purpose of why we were born here.

All this come to mind, because of the YouTube series about,
the Annunaki people, supposedly makers of the Human Race in the Lab.

Even if that were true, the Annunaki didn’t gave humanity its Soul.
Humanity’s Soul was acquired by being exposed to what George Lucas
called “The Force” and, before him, Wallace D Wattles in his masterpiece
“The Science of Getting Rich” called “The Thinking Stuff From Where
All Things Are Made, And That In Its Original State, Permeates,
Penetrates And Fills The Inter-spaces Of The Universe.”

In my point of view, the latter pictures The Creator of this Universe.
Not a living thing, not a person, but the immaterial Intelligence,
The Source Of All That Is, The Nothingness where there is all that exists
and all still to be.

And we as Humanity, partake of all this by means of being born and be
given a Soul. The Soul as its Creator is immortal, after leaving the
body it returns to occupy another body, and to have another experience.

This is why sometimes some people say when visiting a place
“i have been here before.”
It is because of this we infer the Soul is immortal. It comes and goes,
it has memories of the past and knows the future.
It is why we don’t have memories of the past, the body dies, it is just a
vehicle for the soul experience.
The Soul experiences what the human does good or bad but it is not
affected by it. The Soul is immortal, incorruptible, it is part of
The Source, so it is pure, it is Thinking Energy.

So, what we have to seek is to know ourselves internally, meditate and
study what are we and, what was the purpose of us being born.
This is not found outside of us so, don’t look outside you, turn inside.
When we were created spiritually, we were given God-like powers to
create but, were put into this world to learn how to use them and,
make The Paradise.

We will go back and forth as many times as necessary to learn to talk to
the Soul so, we will be talking to The Source itself. Then our work
will be to maintain Paradise as a University to learn, where all the races
of The Universe can study, learn and advance to the higher frequencies
of the Soul, and The Source.

May you find your own way to The Source.


Dan Montana
Fall 2016

’til next time


Everything That Starts Has Also An End And This Is It – Part VII And Last of I the Soul Of Man

  • If you do not care about each other, you are showing you do not deserve the planet to care about you.
  • The planet, humanity, the Universe, are part of ME, everything is but energy. Do find yourselves; do not look outside for answers, look inside you.
  • I made a copy of the Universe and put it inside you, so you can find ME easily, looking inside, it is smaller for you to see it, I AM also there, if you look, you’ll find ME.
  • He who has sight, look; he who has ears, listen, he who has lips, talk.
  • He who search, finds, he who knocks gets the door open. When the ears are ready, the lips that will teach them will open.

I AM WHO AM, The Soul Of Man.



I am the one receiving the message, not the one doing the talking. I have been labeled as madman, stupid for believing to be God, that, I’m not. If read into context, it is a message given to me.

I don’t believe it is something religious, but in accordance with these times, of self-search and, somber actions by us, Humanity as a whole.

Dan Montana

Fall 1999


My point Of View,

As we come to an end of a work that I believe has an excellent message for all who want to listen, I ask myself what do I need to do to leave the planet in a better shape than when I receive it?

Did I do a better job to help my Brother to live better or I let him die of famine, war, terror?

Or, did I pass, saw him in need and look the other side and not see his misery?

have I lost or found my Soul, am I looking inside or outside?

’til next


In Rough Seas, Listen The Voice Inside, It Will Guide You To Shore Safely — Part VI of I The Soul Of Man

  1. Allow life pass at the time it is limited from birth. Do not shorten it, or extend it, there is a purpose always for the life span of your body. You came to Earth to learn an experience, at the end of your life on the planet, you must rest and then do a review of what you did to help humanity and what you did against it. When on Earth, you exert “Free Will”, in your afterlife review, you’ll see if the power you brought with you at birth, was well used or not. At the end of your review, you need to learn and ponder your life. Then and only then you will be able to return for a new experience on Earth. Shocking? It shouldn’t be, you are made on my own image, that is, you are living energy, as I am.
  2. The way you are doing things, using too much technology to do the basics of life is more dangerous to humanity survival than humanity thinks. You can control almost everything from inside you, not from the outside. All my special envoys give you the message, live well, help each other, love thy neighbor as you love thy self. Don ‘t destroy the environment, it has a purpose, the survival of the human race. Don’t overeat, share food with those who don’t have. Slow the pollution of the planet.
  3. This message is not directed to someone in particular, it is directed to all humankind. If it is not understood, translate it. Do not add, do not take. It is very simple. Learn to care for each other, you all live in the same planet, it is not yours, but you can use it if you take care of it. Earth does not belong to anyone in particular you are living on it for a time only. Do not harm it.


If we understand this, we’ll advance greatly, if we don’t, we’ll stay where we are, I think.

’til next time,




After All The Havoc In The World, Here Is Part Four Of: I, The Soul Of Man


  • It is only from the union of a male and a female that the soul is passed to the child. Do not make children in the lab, they would not have a soul.
  • The normal sexual act has a purpose, even if it is beyond your understanding.
  • All species in the animal kingdom, where you belong, are made male and female. By the Laws of Nature, only two are needed to sustain life.
  • Sexes are two, do not exist a third sex. Mating of same sex is a violation of the Natural Laws. Nature does everything with a purpose, even when it seems a mistake or an error, it is not.
  • Accumulate good actions of love to your brethren. Help each other around the world, not just in the small place you live in. All your deeds good or bad are written on your book. Live your experience fully; show others who you are.
  • Show others you know, I, the Soul Of Man, Am your Creator.
  • Thou shall remember:
  1. Thou shall not kill another human being, living on Earth or inside the womb of its mother. Life starts when both parts are united. No one is above this law. Once the woman is pregnant, she is not the owner of her body any longer, now it belongs to I, the Soul Of Man. Lets no man allow otherwise to be done.
  2. A human being is born for a reason, above man’s comprehension, so even though the pregnancy be unwanted, or forcible done, do not kill the Human, it has a mission to accomplish in life, shelter him; get used to it -the H means you or you.
  3. Don’t take the human away from its mother, it needs her warm. Help the mother understand the role she is playing in the life of her child and, in humanity’s.


Will we understand this?

’til next time