A whole bunch of controversial issues.
It is not this the place of controversy?

Mmmm! How do we start and with what?

These are some of the issues at hand, planetary doom, martial law,
women choice and group rights.

What a bunch of nonsense issues.


Let’s start with the toughest of all:

An issue that even the government is in. this is plain nonsense.
What in the hell is the government doing in it.
The government does not get pregnant, nor does it have children.

There is a reason for the government not to get involved;
the Framers of the Constitution didn’t make a Democracy, but a Republic.

The Constitution is the most advanced Document ever made by Man.

It is not based in religious thought, even though most of the Framers
were religious people; to avoid corrupting Religion, they separate
religion from government.

They claim divine rights for men though, and put it In writing.
Why they do this? That way no one will claim these Rights were granted
and may be taken away.

The Constitution was made by philosophical thinkers and under
philosophical principles, that’s why the progressives are doing
all they can, to stop the people to learn the Constitution,
they do not want it to be taught at schools, they also don’t want
people to learn Greek and Latin, the languages of Philosophy.

In the recognition of Divine Rights endowed to man, it is implied
that it is the Creator who gives the LIFE and it is implied man
is not the one who has any right to stop the life of another being
except as an act of defense.

So, let’s see this issue in the same light of the Constitution,

What is the essence of the traits of man and woman.

Man’s traits are to provide food, shelter, material for clothing
and security at the time of forming a family, the smallest cell of society.

Woman traits are to keep the shelter, use the food to nourish the family,
make the clothing for all.

There is one trait that goes beyond the ones analyzed; both man
and woman are needed for the most important function, the essence
of life, the procreation of a human being.

Now the issue of choice, get to this, the woman’s body is hers,
BUT the womb belongs to the human inhabiting it for 9 months.

Interaction between a man and a woman regularly ends in the woman
becoming pregnant.

Once this happen that womb belongs to someone and she has to decide
in let it go on and get a baby or become a murderer,
to kill a baby human is MURDER.

Philosophy say,
Good ought to be because is good.
Bad is the opposite of Good.

To kill is bad.

To give life to a human is Good, to kill a human is Bad.

So, what is the woman’s Choice?

I think the choice is clear, she must choose LIFE.

The purpose of being a woman is not that she try to become
as doom as man, but to be the one that perpetuate the species.

Woman and only woman is fitted to carry the seed of humanity.

At least to me, it is clear, the purpose of being a woman is not
to compete in all endeavors of life, trying to emulate and
in instances to become as tough as a man in all the things done by man.

This is not to say she cannot do it, but, that is not the purpose of
being a woman. Her purpose is way above that. She is the LIFE BEARER.

We still have a long way in the understanding of giving respect and
give her, recognition for the important part she has in the scheme of life
and perpetuation of the species.

I, see woman as the companion and sometimes the pilot of the ship
as equal in responsibility and equal in rights; not a weight that
doesn’t allow the partnership to prosper, and not a slave to serve
a master, day and night.

This, means both have equal rights and responsibility to thrive
and prosper not for self but for the team of TWO, one helping
the other, supporting each other.

If only one works, then, the other will manage the monies of the team
to make it grow, this means not to WASTE the lot, but to study and seek
the best way to invest it, to make it grow to improve the way of life
of the TEAM.

Both have the responsibility of the “boat” so if one wants special
treatment, the boat goes no where, both must go the same way and be
on the same page.
The rights of both are equal. Neither has more rights, nor less.

Let’s see where this take us.

’til next time


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