June Gloom or Brain Fog

June 2017

I asked a friend of mine the other day, if he knew the meaning of life,
he answer me: ‘ haven’t you learned it yet? Or, you don’t remember?”

“ some times we tend to forget what is the purpose of being here at
this time and doing the things we are doing. If we do remember,
we are known as Sages or wise-men, if on the other hand we forgot,
we are not known and make no difference in the life of humanity.”

“When we are born, we know many things and their meaning,
later on we forget most of it. Not all though, we are always looking
for that memory that will allow us to live the best of life.”

“One thing we must remember:
NOTHING we bring to life when we came,
and NOTHING we take out when we go.”

“that, doesn’t mean that we must not strive to be rich and, enjoy life
at its best; for this we need tons of money, and we must do our best
to obtain it”.

Besides stealing it from others, – there are always infinity of things
to do to obtain the money we want: Work, investing, inheritance, etc. –
that, is the exclusive way of the government. They get the money
from some, to give it to others, that don’t work for it.

He who obtain the money without working, investing, etc. do not
appreciate it and waste it, so, the way government waste the money
it takes from the ones who work and give it to others who don’t work,
is a waste of money.

This is usually the way government works. They don’t work
for the money, so, they waste it.

But , the way to live a good life is to get as much money as we can,
invest it and forget about it. The meaning of it is: do not get enslaved
by it, remember, money is just a tool to live better, not a way to live
miserably, being an slave to it.

So your thought must be “ how to make money,” and the next thought
“how to invest it” and the most important “ how to enjoy life using it”

Once you have enough not to worry for the next bill, the next meal,
the next day, now you have time to Learn:

A) what’s the meaning of life?
B) Why was I being born?
C) What is the purpose of my life?
D) Did I do the things I’m supposed to do?
E) Did I learn what I come here to learn?
F) If I don’t, what am I missing?
G) Am I in peace with myself?
H) Is the world I’m living in, a better place than when I receive it?

I believe these things will answer the question of
What is the Purpose of Life.”

No one else but, we as individuals can answer this questions
even though they apply to all, they must be answer by everyone

Well, even I, am still working to figure out most of the questions.

’til next time


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