History Witness

Today January 20,2017, I, along with the nation at large was witness of
another chapter in he life of our Nation with the inauguration of
Donald J Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America.

My point of view as always can be controversial, as I believe we are
entering a different kind of government more in line with the
American way of life, why? because Pres D J Trump is, was, and
will be an American born individual, born and rise in America,
a man who feels the beat of the life of the Nation,
an entrepreneur, a business man, knows how to get a deal
done and profit from it, he doesn’t play to loose, but to win.

My point of view then says that the Nation will thrive under his command.
I applaud his way to ask companies to repatriate their manufacturing
Using the carrot and the lash to accomplish it.

I see an era of abundance for all so, “don’t ask what the Nation can do
for you, but what you can do for the Nation” John F Kennedy.

To close today what about this:
“The official language of the United States of America is English.”
Do not add, do not take off a word.

So Mote It Be

‘til next time


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