The most infamous resource available to the governments around
the planet is MARTIAL LAW. This resource is used against the
citizens of the country in question, to incarcerate the
dissidents and all that oppose the political enslavement
of the people.

The government is always a small part of the community, but
have full authority over all citizens determining subjects
of life and death.

In America, there is just one thing between the imposition
of a dictatorship and the free republic – at least in paper –
this thing is the Constitution of the United States of America.

The most advanced document ever created by Man to protect
the life and property of the citizenry of the country.

This philosophical masterpiece of human thought has just
one piece of defense to survive itself: The SECOND AMENDMENT,
without it the Constitution can be destroyed very easily.

The SECOND AMENDMENT imposes the defense of The
Constitution to its constituents, when it orders the
citizenry to form a militia to overthrow a despotic
government, at the same time the militia MUST defend
the Constitution.

This document is the only document in the whole world that
is alive and evolves from time to time. Sometimes there are
amendments that do not make sense and are unenforceable,
they are nullified but they are left in writing to serve
as a remainder of what not to do trying to modify
the Constitution.

So, at the moment of declaring Martial Law, the Constitution
is stopped, and there is no Law available to no one.

The government will kill and enslave the citizenry, but do you
remember the Second Amendment?
The citizenry has the power of assembly and arm itself
to defend itself.

Civil war is then fought for long term until Law is reestablished.

The only time Martial Law is a legal recourse, is when
The Constitution is in peril of being destroyed, or to stop riots
that destroy property and cost innocent lives.

When the Constitution is respected, the rule of law is the right
thing to use to protest against violation of rights, Riots are not
the right way to protest.

When the Constitution is violated and not respected saying
it is obsolete and outdated, then Martial Law is not a legal
recourse of the government.

If you want to implant Sharia Law, or Communism, or destroy
The Constitution because you can not get the power you want,
then the only way to stop you is by declaring Martial Law in
the spots that are affected by civil unrest provoked
by community activists, to stop them and reestablish
the Rule of Law.

By the way there is an Association that defends the
Second Amendment and by doing so, defends also
The Constitution Of The United States Of America
Its name: The National Rifle Association (NRA).

Become a member.

’til next time