2018 Time To Understand

Some of the readers of this Think Yank ask for some explanation
to the meaning of the writings in the blog.

To all, this is a Think Tank, some posts contain simple things,
others philosophical themes that have to be thought in order to
grasp the meaning of them.

I try to write at a level of understanding to keep my mind working,
so it is difficult sometimes to express some ideas in clearer form.

Most of the time the ideas and thoughts cannot be put in everyday
language because the themes are not something seen in everyday
situations but, go above the daily thinking.

For instance, when I say “You should have enough food in your table
but, be sure your brother does not go to bed without food,” it means
that the brother I am talking about is the child, the homeless,
the woman or girl on the street that need also food.

Is it difficult to grasp? Yeah! It is not about your siblings
I am talking, but all the needy around you.

It is necessary to help the institutions that provide help for the needy,
but is also necessary to have a couple of dollars in the pocket to help
a person asking for coins in the parking lot of the store.
Good Institutions are The Salvation Army, The Disable American Veterans,
etc. and many more.

If they misuse the money, it is not your fault, The Universe knows it.

So, my friend, look for what the sentence or the paragraph is telling
to you, in other words, THINK.

So, if the paragraph is telling you to look for a problem and then
provide a solution, it is asking YOU to think.

The only way to find a solution to a problem, is thinking.
The solution will put money into your wallet.

’til next time

Best Regards,