History Witness

Today January 20,2017, I, along with the nation at large was witness of
another chapter in he life of our Nation with the inauguration of
Donald J Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America.

My point of view as always can be controversial, as I believe we are
entering a different kind of government more in line with the
American way of life, why? because Pres D J Trump is, was, and
will be an American born individual, born and rise in America,
a man who feels the beat of the life of the Nation,
an entrepreneur, a business man, knows how to get a deal
done and profit from it, he doesn’t play to loose, but to win.

My point of view then says that the Nation will thrive under his command.
I applaud his way to ask companies to repatriate their manufacturing
Using the carrot and the lash to accomplish it.

I see an era of abundance for all so, “don’t ask what the Nation can do
for you, but what you can do for the Nation” John F Kennedy.

To close today what about this:
“The official language of the United States of America is English.”
Do not add, do not take off a word.

So Mote It Be

‘til next time


Welcome To The Hope New Year

Happy New Year to all readers of this site.

A New Year, a new dawn in the life of all western people, I don’t say all,
because not all have our culture or religious beliefs. some New Years are
at different dates in the common calendar of 365 days.

We throughout the ages, have transformed Paradise into the Babel site we live on.

Now, time is coming when we will be asked to take sides. We liked or not
will have to make a decision as to where we want to go, and what the
route we will be taking, either by our own will or the will of others.

This is not religious, even though religion will play a part on this.
Either we will think or someone will do it for us. Wake up!

This is a message to the Guardians, wake up and communicate,
you know what to do and how to do it. Time is short.
If you don’t understand this, this is not for you.
Someone around the planet will understand and communicate.
If you understand, do not write, the mind is faster and safer.
Go deep and open a channel. Remember there is neither time nor distance.
May The Light Shine Upon You.

This Year has started great for me and, I hope for you all readers also.
Health, Wealth and Happiness to you all, are my prayers directed to the Almighty.

Don’t forget, allow your bounty to bathe also those in need around you.
When we go, we don’t take anything, we leave as we came, with nothing.

There is plenty for all, don’t let anyone tell you there is not enough
for all. Enjoy what you get, but share also. If we understand this
we will return to Paradise again.

Bill Gates, George Soros, Carlos Slim and the other richer men on
the world, they also came and will leave with nothing,
as everybody else like being born on Earth.
Some have gone already like JP Morgan, Some of the Rockefeller,
Carnegy, Ford etc. they took nothing at depart time.

Survival of Humanity is not to kill 6 billion people, but to share
the bounty with all.

Dan Montana
Winter 2017

Hopefully we all understand this, myself I will at least try.

’til next time