Everything That Starts Has Also An End And This Is It – Part VII And Last of I the Soul Of Man

  • If you do not care about each other, you are showing you do not deserve the planet to care about you.
  • The planet, humanity, the Universe, are part of ME, everything is but energy. Do find yourselves; do not look outside for answers, look inside you.
  • I made a copy of the Universe and put it inside you, so you can find ME easily, looking inside, it is smaller for you to see it, I AM also there, if you look, you’ll find ME.
  • He who has sight, look; he who has ears, listen, he who has lips, talk.
  • He who search, finds, he who knocks gets the door open. When the ears are ready, the lips that will teach them will open.

I AM WHO AM, The Soul Of Man.



I am the one receiving the message, not the one doing the talking. I have been labeled as madman, stupid for believing to be God, that, I’m not. If read into context, it is a message given to me.

I don’t believe it is something religious, but in accordance with these times, of self-search and, somber actions by us, Humanity as a whole.

Dan Montana

Fall 1999


My point Of View,

As we come to an end of a work that I believe has an excellent message for all who want to listen, I ask myself what do I need to do to leave the planet in a better shape than when I receive it?

Did I do a better job to help my Brother to live better or I let him die of famine, war, terror?

Or, did I pass, saw him in need and look the other side and not see his misery?

have I lost or found my Soul, am I looking inside or outside?

’til next