In Rough Seas, Listen The Voice Inside, It Will Guide You To Shore Safely — Part VI of I The Soul Of Man

  1. Allow life pass at the time it is limited from birth. Do not shorten it, or extend it, there is a purpose always for the life span of your body. You came to Earth to learn an experience, at the end of your life on the planet, you must rest and then do a review of what you did to help humanity and what you did against it. When on Earth, you exert “Free Will”, in your afterlife review, you’ll see if the power you brought with you at birth, was well used or not. At the end of your review, you need to learn and ponder your life. Then and only then you will be able to return for a new experience on Earth. Shocking? It shouldn’t be, you are made on my own image, that is, you are living energy, as I am.
  2. The way you are doing things, using too much technology to do the basics of life is more dangerous to humanity survival than humanity thinks. You can control almost everything from inside you, not from the outside. All my special envoys give you the message, live well, help each other, love thy neighbor as you love thy self. Don ‘t destroy the environment, it has a purpose, the survival of the human race. Don’t overeat, share food with those who don’t have. Slow the pollution of the planet.
  3. This message is not directed to someone in particular, it is directed to all humankind. If it is not understood, translate it. Do not add, do not take. It is very simple. Learn to care for each other, you all live in the same planet, it is not yours, but you can use it if you take care of it. Earth does not belong to anyone in particular you are living on it for a time only. Do not harm it.


If we understand this, we’ll advance greatly, if we don’t, we’ll stay where we are, I think.

’til next time,