I, The Soul of Man. Part two.

Then, out of my consciousness, life become into existence. Life evolved until I become aware of an specie started living, that was different of the others, and I took it and gift it with the ability to create.

So, out of awareness, and consciousness, man was provided with a soul, a connection of myself, with a caveat though, he will not be aware of being I, but I am aware of being him.

He started creating, and started separating from its Creator, until now he does not recognize the part that is I.

I thought in chastise him, destroy him, but I realized he, will destroy himself, looking for the truth outside of himself.

Now he has religions, he has created gods, he is in the start of cloning himself. Trying to be a god himself, without knowing he is a part of myself.

Because he does not know himself, he doesn’t know me either. It is sad the way all started, I created the Universe, galaxies, solar systems spun out of the starting point and numerous life forms evolved throughout the vast Universe, Man is not alone, but it is being watched from afar, to see his progress, it is sad to see him going backwards, when he should be going forward.

I still love my creation, but I cannot see without pity, the way humans behave.

Many times I allowed some souls, travel to Earth to convey messages of redemption and teachings of love and care. None of my envoys had any luck.

Man is proud of his accomplishments, and in the brink of cloning himself.

He doesn’t know who or what he is. He has became an animal, he still have my gift, though.


End of Part Two

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Back to the track after derailment. I The Soul Of Man – Part I

Hello everybody out there. I am back on track and with new material, some from me, some from a friend, all to make you think, if you can.

And to start, here is the first part of a large work, I will present it to you in some 8 parts, do not attack the writer but the writing if you can.

From the writings of Dan Montana – psychic, philosopher, metaphysic – here is the first part of ” I, The Soul Of Man”.


 I, The Soul Of Man

In the beginning I was by myself, until I took consciousness of myself, then, I realized only void I was. Consciousness of myself, the void I was, so I realized I created the void, and I become aware of myself being conscious and aware of myself. I found, I could create just by being aware and conscious of my creation.

As I become conscious of my creation I was aware of my own energy which were what I am, so the energy is now into existence by me being aware of myself, so, energy was I, and I was energy.
By my own awareness and consciousness energy was, and from energy, everything was created. The law of energy was attached by awareness, energy cannot be destroyed, energy, can only be transformed. Nothing can be added, and nothing can be taking away.

Energy being myself, and out of myself, I am the particle of myself, and in myself so out of the particle become aware of being and was a part of myself, so it become aware that I was I, who was it, who was I.

So, out of myself was awareness, consciousness, energy, particle, then I become aware of my creation out of myself.

Out of awareness I become conscious that as I become aware of myself I was creating layers of awareness, every layer with its own awareness and consciousness.
Until I become aware of myself as I, from energy I created the atom. Then out of myself created the universe in its own layer with its own law.


End of part one.

i can see that all the artillery is being prepare to obliterate me, but wait there is more to come. At the end, I will make some commentary about it, what I think about it.

Until then, Have a great day.